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  • P. J. Washington discusses his role for 2018-19

    #25, PJ Washington, So., F

    On whatís the biggest thing freshmen need to learn when they come in Ö
    ďJust be mentally tough. I feel like if youíre mentally tough you can get through it. I think thatís the biggest thing with Cal: If youíre mentally tough, you play a lot. You play a lot of defense. Basically you go out there and do your thing. Just come in and be mentally tough, listen to what he says and just try to apply it to the court.Ē

    On what Cal told him his role is for next year Ö
    ďHe told me if I come back, he wants me to do everything I did the in the Kansas State game and just work on my outside game a lot more. Thatís basically what he said, and Iíve been doing that in my pre-draft workouts. Thatís what Iíve been focusing on and I feel like Iím ready for it. I canít wait for the season to start.Ē

    On the feedback he got after the NBA combine Ö
    ďIf you look at the NBA game today, there are not a lot of people in the post. Thatís what they kind of stressed to us there. They move through a lot of cuts, a lot of screens, a lot of back doors. We all pretty much play from the perimeter. Thatís the NBA game today.Ē

    On how many free throws he will have shot between the end of last season and the start of next season ...
    ĒI mean, I canít shoot any right now so I donít know. I definitely have to wait until I get back.Ē

    On if free-throw shooting is a focus for him Ö
    ďIím confident in my abilities. I practice every day. I get in the gym and work on the things I need to work on. Iíve just got to trust my work.Ē

    On how he will balance his post game with perimeter skills Ö
    ďIíve been playing basketball for a long time, like I said earlier. In high school and stuff like that, I played on the perimeter, so Iím pretty used to it. My senior year (in high school) I did a lot of it, which you guys didnít really get to see. Iím pretty confident in my abilities. Like I said, Iíve been putting work in and I trust my work. That doesnít really stress me at all.Ē

    On adjusting from playing guard before he got to UK to playing in the post Ö
    ďIt was an adjustment because like I said Iíve been playing basketball a long time. Iíve been playing a lot of positions for a long time. Basically youíre asking the same questions. But Iíve been playing a lot of positions, different positions, so Iím pretty comfortable.Ē

    On his recovery from surgery Ö
    ďI feel like Iím doing a lot better than how I was.Ē
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    1. KeithKSR's Avatar
      KeithKSR -
      Getting Reid Travis would help PJ expand his game and do the same for Travis.
    1. bigsky's Avatar
      bigsky -
      Do what you did in the K State game does not equal play outside.