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  • Calipari Looking for a True Home Court Advantage


    Head coach John Calipari for the Tuesday night home game against red hot-Tennessee Volunteers is asking for a true home court advantage. Why? He has made that appeal on more than one occasion since he been coaching at Kentucky.

    Whether it be Billy Bob from the rural most parts of Kentucky, the astute basketball pundit, or state legislator aristocrats. They often seem to be sitting on their hands waiting for the Cats to get them fired up. It sometime airs the impression they feel a sense of entitlement.

    All you have to do is on Saturday tune into your boob-tube at noon on where ever a game is taking place and you will witness many other fan-bases rip, roaring, and snorting fire of enthusiasm. It goes without saying Calipari witnesses the same thing. You could have thirty-thousand fans in the seats every night but it's not a true home-court advantage unless you make it so.

    Kentucky blue-bloods like to parallel their experience to winning-est basketball program to the Alabama winning-est football program. Does Nick Sabin have to make an appeal to his fan base?

    Calipari has tried a plethora of things to try to get his team to buy in to the things wants them to do to be the best they can be. He's wanted toughness but in the game Saturday it appeared they misconstrued what he meant for literally, fighting. He's wanting them to take self out of it and become a team. He's wanted them to share the ball and the last two games they've had single digit assists. I'm sure Cal hopes Saturday at Missouri was an anomaly when they scored only 18-points in the first half.

    So Calipari is turning to the fans because he knows it possible the fans can help them get over the hurdle they face. The Cats were defeated at Knoxville by double digits and as of late the Vols have been playing better than they were playing previously when the Cats visited there. The most recent Tennessee victories were over LSU and Ole Miss by scores respectively of 84-61 and 94-61. So the Cats have a potential fight on their hands and they need the fans badly.

    Down through the years we have witness what fired up fan bases can do when the fans make it a true home court advantage. However the laxidasical nature of the fans needs to change, not only for tomorrow but permanently. He said: “I just want them to be really into game. I'm not listening to our fans and the loudness but I know what that building is and what it stands for when our fans are really into the game. The students the same.” He said they go all around the country and the places are sold and they are really out of their minds trying to beat us. I've got to explain that to them again and if you can learn from it and get your act together you'll be ready at the end of the year.” Calipari said he's not going to make excuses for how the team is playing. He said that's on them. They have to do things differently now. “Everybody's not 6-foot-2 anymore,” he explained.

    Calipari was asked if it's tough doing this every year. He said he gets tired sometime and he going to bed earlier every night.
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    1. blueboss's Avatar
      blueboss -
      I’ll be there doing my part... but as mentioned above we’ve got to have something to cheer for.

      Ky has a great pregame intro that has everyone up into the game. Unfortunately it doesn’t take long for the “here we go again” feeling to creep into the fan base.

      I was at the FL game and Rupp was rock’n as the game ebbed and flowed. When Ky was roll’n so was the crowd, I don’t think anyone there expected the eventual outcome of the final :30

      The no call on PJ didn’t help the cause but I don’t think there was anybody there that at the very least didn’t think we weren’t going to OT.

      Much like the FL loss at the Grocery Field, the FL loss at Rupp was equally deflating for us fans.

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