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  • Kentucky has a Chance to Build Momentum


    The Wildcats had a chance to play a top twenty five-team and came out victorious and now have a chance to show why they should re-enter into the top twenty-five. , Though there was a level of trepidation for the BBN on why there team was conspicuously absent from that group. There was a fear that a loss would pave a way to landing in the NIT.

    The explosion of Keven Knox in putting up 34-points was something that was sweet to watch. Basketball pundits have been able to see something like that potentially happening. Will he score in the thirties in every outing, not likely but it's reasonable to expect a level of consistency. He started the Florida game burying five of his first six shots and then for what ever reason he disappeared until seven minutes left in the game. Something similar happened in the case of Wenyen Gabriel in the game previous game. Perhaps Calipari addressed something as elementary as getting the ball in the hand of the hot player. Or maybe that's not the way to handle one-and-dones or those that think themselves to be. Knox's great numbers garnered him the SEC freshman of the week. Over the last two games his shooting percentage 69.6 and 75-percent from behind the arc.

    The thought by many that Jarred Vanderbilt would be the savior in supplying some juice to the team on the scoreboard. But often times someone has to get his hands dirty and Vanderbilt has supplied that when he got eleven rebounds in eleven minutes. Good players has a tendency to do other things to help the team in other ways when they are not scoring. He and Gabriel scored seven points between them, however hit the board for twenty rebounds total.

    Prior to the game Bob Huggins lamented that the Wildcats were long and would be tough on the boards. The fact his team at halftime was out rebounding the Cats 21-20 had to have the coach in the twilight zone along with the arena that saw their team up by fifteen points.

    When asked at halftime what his reaction was to his teams performance Huggins replied “We shot the ball.” That in itself is something that no doubt caught him by surprise because he had said his team can't shoot. But he no doubt was holding his breath when in the last two games – Texas Tech and Kansas – had sizable leads and lost them in defeat.

    Calipari got his answer in response to the toughness he has been seeking. The Cats showed that in spades in a hostile atmosphere. In essence Huggins said the Wildcats are just better than his team. So no playing them Vanderbilt which will be much different than plating them in Rupp Arena.

    Calipari said: “I told the team to not get arrogant about this. You guys fought and played with unbelievable spirit in the second half and now you've got to build on this.” He said you talk about it but you don't know until you throw the ball up. On Knox's performance he said “they (West Virginia) opened up the court for him and we put him up court so he didn't have to mess around.

    Cal said that Vandy is good and ran through a lot of scenarios to attempt to back that up and the entire league. He said the SEC should put 10-teams in the tournament.
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    1. Darrell KSR's Avatar
      Darrell KSR -
      Thanks, Lonny. Sure hope Kentucky builds on the West Virginia win. Need to have 3 or 4 steps forward this time before a half step back!