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  • Calipari calls for consistency in officiating


    At his press conference Friday, Kentucky coach John Calipari was asked if he had sent video from any past games to the SEC office to review.

    Remember the end of the Florida game where it looked like P.J. Washington was fouled as he drove to the basket and no call was made. Of course, at the end of the Texas A&M game it looked like Wenyen Gabriel committed a foul and no foul was called.

    Calipari said he had not sent any video to the SEC and then proceeded to explain what he expects from officials.

    "For us, my concern in refereeing always has been is not, ĎDid you make that call?í Itís if youíre going to call carries on my team, call the carry on that team. If youíre going to say your guy created the contact and leaned in a shot it and Iím not calling that when their guy creates the contact then leans in and shoots it, donít call it on my team," Calipari said.

    "If you ever listen to what Iím saying, Iím not arguing a call. Be consistent. If youíre calling a moving screen on my team, I am now watching down there. If theyíre moving on screens Iím going to get on you about it. ĎYou just called that on my team.í Consistency is all Iím looking for.

    "Sometimes itís OK to be consistently bad. Just be consistently bad. Thatís fine, too. Just whatever youíre going to be, this is how Iím calling it. If there are hand checks and you start calling them, call them on both teams. If youíre going to let all the hip checks and bumps and go, donít call that on my team. ĎWell, itís a different way. Your guy leaned in. His didnít.í

    "Stop it, just be consistent. Call the game.Ē
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      CitizenBBN -
      Quote Originally Posted by Darrell KSR View Post
      "Sometimes it’s OK to be consistently bad. Just be consistently bad. That’s fine, too.
      Too many years in the SEC has broken the man on this subject. So sad.
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      catmanjack -
      SEC officials really are terrible! All of them, can’t think of one that is half way decent!