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  • John Calipari puts His Navigational Skills on Display


    On the heels of two straight losses, Coach John Calipari after eight years at the helm of the University of Kentucky basketball team knows the BBN fan base like a palm reader. He knows the temperature of the fans when things are good and when there a trepidation nature of the fans and all concerned.

    He took a stance after Saturday night defeat in Rupp Arena UN-Calipari like. “I'm not worried after this we'll be fine,”he said more than once. “I was worried after the South Carolina game. I was worried after Vandy, to be honest with you and we won that game. They do this and they stay the course, and this is who we are, we'll be fine.

    The water ahead is rough but he know a possibility of the boat capsizing. The air is turbulent but the plane isn't falling. So it's his job to keep publically calm which consequently keeping timidity out of the team and fan-base.

    Calipari readily realizes that after two straight losses and the second one being in Rupp Arena, the fans can start to write this season off. This is something that for the most part the BBN is not accustomed to. Timidiy is a syndrome that can easily beset the Cat fan base.

    Calipari has a young team with no defined leader and now he has to be a master psychologist. He has to stop the Clays Ferry bridge leap, family turbulence, and child abuse. In additional to the loss the news of Zion Williamson going to Duke University quickly resonated throughout the Arena.

    He told his team Saturday night that everything was going to be fine but all of them didn't buy in. “We might have loss but you could see we are getting more comfortable with each other and what a player likes to do,”Nick Richards said. “I need to work harder on the offensive glass.” But he wasn't fooled. He said he was going to watch the game tonight (Saturday) and they would watch the film on Sunday. He was asked if he normally watched the game in solitary on game night. He said: “Gnaw I don't usually but tonight I haven't made the decision” He said he might watch it because he doesn't understand they loss the game.

    Cal said the good news is now he's got a full roster and if one player is not bringing it he can play somebody else. “So there's not arguments on the bench, no back and forth,” Calipari said. “You don't have to.” He said Quade Green is back. He said Vanderbilt got winded again. The John Calipari forces have had in the past had success bringing things together by tournament time. Things couldn't have looked more bleak when at 2014 South Carolina Calipari got ejected from the game and the team loss 72-67. At the post game when John Robic and Aaron Harrison was on the post game podium. Harrison reassured the fans that thing were going to be better in the tournament. That team went on the championship game in the NCAA tournament and fell to Connecticut in the that game.
    That was the year of the infamous tweak. The source I had was there was “come-to-Jesus” meeting with Calipari about letting the kids play absent of the orchestrating the every move on the court.

    Calipari said the thing they have been deficient on are fixable. In the game Saturday night they had 16 turnovers. “We are a better defensive team,” the coach said. He said they can live with 10 or 11 turnovers and they need to make six or seven three's, Why six or seven? He said - “To narrow the gap between them and the other team.

    Calipari said on Vanderbilt - “Now we are getting to the place where we can run everything. He hadn't scrimmaged with the team. Prior to now he had been on the zero gravity machine and in the tub working on his conditioning.

    The road up ahead this season is feared to be rather rough so Calipari has his work cut out for him. Those being at West Virginia, at Texas A&M, at Auburn, at Arkansas, and at Florida all of which are game that will be extremely hard to win.
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