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  • *Breaking - Kentucky Cheerleaders win UCA National Championship *

    The Kentucky Cheerleaders won their 23rd national championship third in a row -- at the Universal Cheerleaders Association event Sunday night in Orlando, Fla. News release to come.

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      uklandrn -
      Watching the performance at the basketball game last week I said if they hit this no one can touch them. They hit that routine flawlessly! That was amazing.

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      MickintheHam -
      Quote Originally Posted by Bakert View Post
      Just another example of how our crappy AD is diverting money towards some stupid, non-revenue "sport." Money that could better be used to help pay for some additional jet fuel to fly Cal to see someone who committed to us 6 months ago.

      Congrats to the cheerleading group. While I will be among the first to admit I don't get "competitive cheerleading" they work very hard doing things that are very difficult to do and deserve some recognition.
      I am surprised you of all people got this one wrong. Cheerleading is considered a Student Activity and ia administered by the Dean of Student Affairs. Neither the band nor the cheerleaders are under the direction and supervision of the Athletics Director. You must have them confused with UofL, where everything reported to the AD. Lynn Williamson serves as Faculty Advisor to the group and has for many years.