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  • Where UK 2018 ranks compared to other Cal-Era teams

    This is looking at this team's national ranking compared to other Cal-Era UK teams' national ranking in these categories:

    Adjusted Offensive Efficiency: 8th out of 9 Cal-Era UK teams
    Effective FG%: 7th
    2pt FG%: 7th
    3pt FG%: 5th
    Offensive Rebound%: 5th
    Turnover %: last (and it's not really close--UK ranks 252nd nationally in Offensive TO%. The next worst team, UK 2010, was 165th.)

    Adjusted Defensive Efficiency: 8th
    Effective FG% D: last (and again, not especially close--UK ranks 67th nationally in eFG% D. Next worst, last year's team, finished 44th.)
    2pt FG% D: 8th
    3pt FG% D: 8th
    Defensive Rebound%: 8th
    Turnover %: 3rd
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      Darryl -
      Quote Originally Posted by Bakert View Post
      One thing to keep in mind is that these are comparisons to some pretty good teams. Remember, four of the teams included in the comparison group went to the Final Four. While we don't want to compare UK to just any team, the fact that this team ranks somewhat low compared to other Cal teams at UK is probably still pretty good overall. I've not given up by a long shot, and believe that I am not alone there. The good news is that a lot of the issues we are having (e.g., defense) can be fixed with time and effort. I'm not concerned that these guys can't score because I think they can, but they need to maintain intensity on both ends, particularly on defense, and rebound.
      Good post

      2 Of the teams that did not make the Final 4 went 35-3 And 32-6

      6 outstanding to great teams

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      Darrell KSR -
      We are definitely spoiled, but I like it that way.