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  • UK with a great idea for Big Blue Madness/Volleyball match at 5 pm

    UK volleyball coach Craig Skinner

    In addition to introducing defending national champion men's basketball Kentucky Wildcats, and the defending SEC champion women's basketball UK Hoops teams, the Cats will have a little twist this year at Big Blue Madness.

    UK will host Miss. State in a volleyball match at Rupp Arena at 5 pm to tip off Big Blue Madness. The Cats likely grabbed the idea from--Miss. State, who did the same thing last year in the Bulldogs' version of Big Blue Madness, setting school volleyball match record for attendance with 4,535 to see the match.

    Kentucky has bigger sights in mind. The national attendance record for seeing a volleyball match is 17,430, which occurred in the national semifinals in 2008. Rupp Arena, of course, seats 23,000, and with Big Blue Madness as the drawing card, the Cats hope to shatter the national record for volleyball attendance with a huge crowd.

    Sideline benefit for Kentucky, of course, is that Coach Craig Skinner's group will a) have a tremendous home crowd advantage with that many people in attendance, and b) may pick up some additional fans when they see the exciting sport being played. Volleyball is often played in front of a crowd of 1,000-2,000 as a large crowd, so an audience of 20,000 or more may be intimidating to all of the players, not just the visitors.

    If you are going to Big Blue Madness, please try to get there early, as it would be cool for Kentucky to grab yet another national record.
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    1. UKHistory's Avatar
      UKHistory -

      I recall back in Pitino's career at UK--and I am think this was either 90-91 or 91-92, a volleyball game was held at Memorial between UK and LSU (?).

      I actually thought it was a great way to spend part of the show. And I must say the opposing team didn't know what to think about a road atmosphere. I wished it would have continued.

      This is a great way to celebrate and introduce the olympic sports at UK to our fan base.
    1. TheFabFueder's Avatar
      TheFabFueder -
      KY did it back at the start of the either 82-83 or 83-84 season. UK-Hawaii, at the time Hawaii was No 1 ranked and KY was in the top 5 or so. We set the record at that time for attendance at a volleyball game. Either that year or the next we also broght in the San Diego Chicken.
    1. Darrell KSR's Avatar
      Darrell KSR -
      I do remember that, now that you guys reminded me of it. I, too, am a big fan of it.

      UK is playing with some new players this year in the rotation, but they are very talented, and this could be a major kick-start for the rest of the season, especially if several hundred fans become enamored with volleyball after seeing them, and start adding to the home crowd advantage in Memorial the remainder of the season.