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  • "Real Good Practices" Have Kevin Knox, Kentucky Ready to Begin Season


    Kevin Knox Jr. thinks "real good practices" lately have him and his Kentucky teammates ready to start regular-season play against Utah Valley tonight.

    "A lot of guys stepped up and showed that theyíve improved. They showed theyíre ready for Friday. So, Iím pretty confident in the next few weeks," Knox said Thursday.

    "Iím going to definitely have butterflies. I know other people will. They probably wonít admit it, but Iím a person to admit my butterflies. My first real college game, first packed game, my parents are going to be here, my grandparents. Iím definitely going to have the butterflies. Iím just really looking forward to it. Once that first basket goes in Iíll be good.Ē

    Knox knows coach John Calipari will "never be happy" with the team's conditioning.

    "Weíve been running a lot lately, getting us up and down and then going into our defensive stuff when weíre tired. But I think weíre definitely Ė weíre a little bit better than we were in the Blue-White (Game) when he (Calipari) was yelling at us. Weíre definitely way better than that," Knox said.
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