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  • Cats favored over Vols, but don't be fooled by their record


    For the first time since he's been at Kentucky, coach Mark Stoops has a team that is favored to beat Tennessee Saturday.

    The Vols are 3-4 and have gone 14 straight quarters without an offensive touchdown. Tennessee's only score this month was an interception return for a touchdown against Alabama last week.

    But Stoops said Monday not to be fooled by the Vols' record.

    "They played Florida close, we played Florida close. They played South Carolina close, we played South Carolina close. They had an opportunity to beat South Carolina, we all saw that. If one play had gone one way or another, they could beat South Carolina. That is a good football team. Same with Florida. Florida is a better team than people give them credit for and Tennessee had a good opportunity to win that game as well," Stoops said.

    "We know what Tennessee can do. I know the way people pile on people when theyíre not doing so well. I know how that goes, Iíve been there and we canít control any of that. We can only control how weíre going to play. I expect Tennessee to come in and play exceptionally hard just like they did this past week against the exceptional Alabama team. We expect them to come in with great pride and play very well just like we did a year ago.Ē

    Kentucky is coming off a 45-7 butt-kicking at Mississippi State.

    ďWe need to make competitive plays. Weíre not making enough competitive plays right now," Stoops said.

    ďSometimes you have an advantage and weíre not making plays. Thatís not okay. The secondary, weíre making very few competitive plays. In one-on-one situations in the Mississippi State game, we lost all 10 according to my count. Thatís not acceptable.

    "Same with our offensive guys, theyíve got to make competitive plays. The one that stands out to me was when Lynn Bowden went up and caught the ball in traffic, when Drew (Barker) threw a nice ball and he went up and got it. Outside of that, I donít know if we made a competitive play.Ē
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