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  • Can Mike Pratt predict three straight NCAA Champions?


    Former Kentucky All-American Mike Pratt correctly predicted that Villanova would win the 2016 NCAA championship and followed that up by tabbing North Carolina as the 2017 champion before the season started. So who does the UK Radio Network analyst think is the best team this year?

    Pratt was going with Arizona, but the disruption from the FBI investigation had him drop Arizona to No. 2 in his poll. He elevated Michigan State to the top spot.

    "Tom Izzo has brought in some new guys to go with the experienced guys he has back. Miles Bridges did not play well against us last year but he was a beast later in the year," Pratt said. "They get my No. 1 pick."

    Pratt has Duke at No. 3, Villanova at No. 4 and Kansas at No. 5. Of course, UK plays Kansas in two weeks in Chicago in an early season showdown that could tell coach John Calipari a lot about his team.

    Where does he have Kentucky? Pratt slotted the Cats at No. 7 behind, get ready for this, Louisville. He thinks despite the turmoil at Louisville that the Cards will be really good.

    "They still have players," Pratt said. "In fact, they could be really, really good this year,"

    Wichita State, West Virginia ó another UK opponent ó and North Carolina round out his top 10.

    "I know what people say about West Virginia not being able to shoot, but they are tough and they are experienced. They are going to be really good," Pratt said.

    Will he be right about Michigan State being the best? I donít know but with his track record Iím afraid to say no.
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    1. Darrell KSR's Avatar
      Darrell KSR -
      Quote Originally Posted by Darryl View Post
      My top 5:

      1. UK
      2. Arizona
      3. Kansas
      4. Duke
      5. Wichita State

      I like Darryl's picks.
    1. Darryl's Avatar
      Darryl -
      Quote Originally Posted by Darrell KSR View Post
      I like Darryl's picks.
      I do want to add that my picks are based on Vanderbilt getting back close to 100%

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      UKRxman93 -
      I think that is essential Darryl to reach their full potential.
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      dan_bgblue -
      The odds of preseason picking of the champion are probably 5oo to 1 in any given year. Some years the odds are probably a bit better than that as maybe the previous year's champion is returning all their players and the coach did not change, but it is long odds for sure. To do it twice in a row, well I am not sure Vegas would even lay odds on that, so three times in a row, then I say his streak has ended.