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  • Calipari stressing consistency in shooting form with young players


    Kentucky coach John Calipari had a chance to coach freshmen Hamidou Diallo and P.J. Washington on Team USA during the summer and get a headstart on learning things about each player going into preseason drills. What he learned is how much they need to get consistent with their shooting form -- like other young players.

    "Most of itís just getting in great shape. Most of itís every possession matters and you canít act like stuff doesnít matter. Things that Iím not worried about that I can get them to do. Consistency in different areas of their games," Calipari said.

    "What happens to young guys, they donít know how to truly practice, for example, shooting. So if youíre going to go in the gym and you tip-toe shoot and then you jump shoot and then you tip-toe shoot; and then you get in and you start playing, you shoot it different. Different is how you elevate.

    "Itís okay if itís a deep shot three to elevate or have a little different shot because itís a deeper shot, but every other shot you shoot ó off the bounce, off a catch, stepping in, two dribbles ó you elevate the same way. These guys donít know that, so now they get in the game and their elevation is different every time they shoot, which means theyíre shooting a different shot.

    "You watch a professional player, he shoots exactly the same way every time. It doesnít always go in, but it is exactly the same every time, and they work on shooting exactly the same shot. So itís more muscle memory than mental memory. If itís mental memory, you will go mental. If itís muscle memory, you have amnesia because youíre not thinking about it.
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