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  • A few random comparisons between 2016 and 2017 UK football

    Is the playcalling about what it was last year? Pretty much. There's a 4% difference, so slightly more passes this year than last.

    Rushing play percentage:

    This year: 57.85%
    Last year: 61.76%

    Taking everything in to consideration (I think), how are the yards per carry on the rushing offense this year compared to last year?

    This year: 2.9 ypc (# 120 in nation)
    Last year: 5.3 ypc (# 18 in nation)

    (Earlier I posted 3.38 ypc compared to 5.44, so the difference may be in losses, sacks, etc. Not perfect, but still telling).

    Let's rock on to passing.

    Team passing rating:

    This year 143.0 (# 36 in nation)
    Last year: 128.1 (# 69 in nation)

    Yesterday's game brought that number down quite a bit. But still significant improvement.

    Let's scoot over to the defense. First, total defense (yards per game):

    This year: 357.2 (# 38)
    Last year: 449.6 (# 88)

    Big difference. Huge. But it's not necessarily a stifling defense like some would have you believe.

    See how it breaks down in yards per play:

    This year: 5.1 (# 43)
    Last year 6.2 (# 100)

    That's good enough to be competitive with a good offense, and the passing game is competitive, but the rushing isn't.

    Our pride and joy (with good reason) has been in our rushing defense). A quick peek:

    Rushing yards per game allowed:

    This year: 77.0 ( # 6)
    Last year: 228.6 (# 106)

    Are you kidding me? Wow, what a difference.

    Now let's peek in at passing. We'll just use Team Passer Rating, which includes sort of everything and a good overall compass.

    This year: 135.5 (# 78)
    Last year: 137.7

    About the same. Not horrible, but not good.

    OK, let's look at turnovers. I hear this is a big thing for us this year.

    Interceptions thrown per game

    This year: 0.2 per game (#8)
    Last year: 0.9 per game

    Pretty good so far to cut it down to almost nil.

    Fumbles lost per game

    This year: 0.8 (# 71)
    Last year: 1.3

    So we've improved our turnovers lost a total of 0.7 + 0.5 = 1.2 fewer turnovers per game. That's huge.

    So how are we doing on the takeaway side? Let's took at takeaways per game, shall we?

    This year: 2.2 per game (# 19)
    Last year: 1.6 per game

    So we've improved that 0.6 per game from last year as well. Add what we're not losing to what we're gaining, and we're improving almost 2 turnovers per game. Wow.

    And turnover margin will show it.

    This year: +1.2 turnovers per game
    Last year: -0.7 turnovers per game

    Forgiving the rounding error, again, we're right at 2 turnovers per game improvement.

    The last thing I want to look at is penalty yards per game. How disciplined are we?

    This year: 41.2 (# 31)
    Last year: 43.3

    About the same. Not significant.

    All stats courtesy of www.teamrankings.com/college-football/stat
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