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  • Bowden biding his time, albeit impatiently


    For months not only have football recruiting analysts hyped the playmaking ability of Kentucky freshman receiver Lynn Bowden, but so have the UK coaches.

    Yet in Saturday's win at Southern Mississippi Bowden was only in for two plays and did not touch the ball despite the offensive woes Kentucky had at times.

    After the game Bowden showed his frustration on Twitter over the lack of playing time -- even though he eventually took it off Twitter. Later he did post two more tweets not quite as critical but still making it clear he was not happy.

    Kentucky coach Mark Stoops was asked about the Twitter posts at his weekly press conference Monday. He said there was "no issue" on his part -- and I agree because no one should over react to what a college freshman says or posts immediately after a game.

    "We'll continue to manage our players. That's what they pay me to do and we'll be fine. Lynn is a good kid who works hard. It's not uncommon in general – I've been a lot of places with some very, very, very talented young men – and the competitive nature comes out in kids sometimes," Stoops said.

    Say amen BBN. Bowden came to UK to play and wants to play. He'll be fine and Stoops knows how to handle the situation.

    "There is no issue at all. That's the good thing about our football team right now and where we're at, we can manage things like that very easily," Stoops said.
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