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  • Practice notes for August 22

    We asked Eddie Gran how they threw and caught the football today”? He said they threw and caught it well especially in the seven-on-seven drills. In the Saturday scrimmage Lynn Bowden wasn't quite as efficient as he had been in practice and what was the reason? “He had 'camp legs',” Gran explained when describing a new term to this writer meaning hitting a wall. He said Bowden's legs are are starting to come back and should be all the way back next week. A obtrusive observer witnessing practice today said he was impressed with the way they were throwing and catching. They were all good but Bowen jumped out at him. “We did a little Southern Miss stuff today,” Gran said. Of Bowden he said - “This is a guy who didn't do much with us this summer and after two full weeks you could see he was dead (legged).

    * The receiver that is appears that's being looked to replace Dorian Bakers expected production is Kayuane Ross. Gran said it's next man up by his production over the next two or three weeks who ever emerges he's that man. He said it's all about making plays. Of all the receivers they are doing a good job. “We have thrown a lot at them and and thrown it up on the wall and see what sticks,” Gran said. We have all the cut-ups and we know what the receivers can do and what the quarterbacks can do and this is what we will go in to as the game-plan.” Gran said Ross is a huge target and in the red zone he can screen off and box off defenders with his body and make the contested catch.

    * He said Blake Bone can do the same thing that Ross does. In talking to Ross he's sure he doesn't eliminate himself as a deep threat. We asked him what he thought what's being said about his main benefit to the team and will he go deep, "we'll see" he said with a coquettish grin.

    * Where talent is concerned without a doubt there's is no substitute for experience and Sihiem King is proving it. According to Gran King has taken a big step forward in solidifying his backup roll to Benny Snell.

    The Quarterback Architect Darin Hinshaw

    Hinshaw recruited Drew Barker for Cincinnati so he knew a lot about him. What
    was it about Stephen Johnson that made him bring the junior college transfer to Kentucky. When I got here at Kentucky there was only Drew Barker and another inexperienced quarterback on the roster. So he said he scowed the country's junior crop on search a player with potential play making ability, would compete, and with character. “I'm extremely proud of what Stephen did last season as well as I'm proud of all the quarterbacks,” Hinshaw said. I informed him of what one of his fellow coaches (Vince Marrow) said about him this time last year in that he was one of the greatest hires he had ever seen. Aw yeah, who said that,?” he inquired. I said one of his fellow coaches. “All of us coaches work well together and this being the second year together is a huge deal,” he said. “Who ever said it I thank him.” I asked could it be his ability to develop quarterbacks? “I know the different fundamental and the nuances needed to play that position, he said. “I played the quarterback position. I'm right with them – I've seen it – I've seen the successes. I think some coaches coach every quarterback the same. You can't do that no quarterback is the same. You have to coach them all differently and find out what makes them tick. Hinshaw said in eleven on eleven which is playing the game Johnson hasn't turn it over a single time. He said Barker had one interception but that's only the second throughout fall practice.

    I told Hinshaw that Vince Marrow was the coach that espoused that compliment toward him. “VINCE?, that's my man,” Hinshaw jubilantly exclaimed. “He's my agent and after this I'm going to give a twenty-spot.”
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