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  • Calipari offers views on Kentucky v Indiana


    John Calipari does a lot of things I will never get the opportunity to do. I have no problem with that.

    But he did something Monday I would never want to do — he went on the “Dan Dakich Radio.”

    You remember Dakich, the former Indiana player who hosts a radio show in Indianapolis. And those of you who know, understand why I would never ever want to be in the same spot Calipari was today.

    I give Calipari credit for knowing the first question would have to be about UK playing Indiana again. The Kentucky coach was more than ready for it.

    "I offered two games at Indianapolis. My governor at the time, Gov. (Steve) Beshear, was not happy with me. 'Why don't we play one game in Kentucky?' Because we can't play in Louisville. They tell me I can't get in that building. So tell them we're going to play two (in Indianapolis),” Calipari told Dakich.

    “Call the football arena. Both of us will get 25,000 people at the game. It will be nuts. And I was told, no, we're not doing that.”

    Believe him. I do.

    Kentucky and Indiana have not play in the regular season since the 2011-12 season when Indiana beat UK on a last-second shot that touched off a court-rushing storm that was scary with the way students were leaping over seats and people.

    After that, Calipari was okay with playing, but only in neutral sites. Indiana countered by saying it wanted a game at least every other year in Bloomington.

    "I tried to get them in the CBS Classic with us, where we're playing UCLA and (North Carolina) and (Ohio State). It was supposed to be Indiana. I said let's do that one. They said no,” Calipari said.

    Kentucky and Indiana have met 57 times and combined for 13 national championships.

    But don’t count me as one who would love to see this series renewed. Kentucky is doing fine without playing the Hoosiers and will keep just doing fine.