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  • Enhancing chance to play in the NBA motivates Knox to Kentucky


    Enhancing his chance to play in the NBA was a significant reason that Kevin Knox thought Kentucky was the right place to play his college basketball.

    Kevin Knox Sr. said the reason ESPN 30 for 30 documentary, “One and Not Done,” on John Calipari took a look at how the UK coaching staff prepares players for the next level.

    “I told my son we are going to go to college and the reason we all go is to get an education so we can make more money,” Knox Sr. said.

    He noted how college graduates make more money normally than non-graduates just like those with a Master’s degree make even more and a doctorate usually brings even more money.

    “You are going to college to make money,” Knox Sr. said. “If the opportunity presents itself to make more money after year one (in the NBA), why not go do it. How long would it take to make $2 million (for a normal college graduate)? We can go back and finish the education.

    “Just because you might have the opportunity to go early to the NBA and God gave you a certain set of skills does not mean that you do not go back to college.”
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