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  • Factors in Past and Present Recruiting


    University’s football recruiting over the last decade and a half has evolved into a different animal. The recruiting analyst have changed a lot in that several guys had organizations. Guys like Tom Lemming (Mr. Notre Dame). You could always depend on him rating Notre Dame recruiting class higher that it deserved. Over a fifteen year period ND’s classes were rated in the top ten in the country. Over that span of time they played in exactly zero BCS bowl games - Then there was Phil Grosz BlueWhite Illustrated for Penn State – Bill King Radio VOX in Nashville – and Max Emfinger formerly with BlueChip and now Super Scout. These were guys that were in yesteryear attached to many recruiting publications.

    Now there has been a drastic change which has significantly reduce the impact on recruiting when universities would subscribe to those publication to get their recruiting classes ranked higher. Hence there are four major football recruiting analyst organizations – Rivals, Scout 247Sports, and ESPN. Among several analyst the one that stands out the most is Tom Luginbill of ESPN. The only problem with these organizations is that they are for the most part traditionalist.

    There have been coaches in the past that disingenuously stated that they don’t watch those organization for their leads. A handful of those coaches may be honest about how helpful those organization are to them. A coach in the past said he trust his assistants on their evaluation of the player. That holds true for the present staff in early Identification.

    One Joker Phillips innovation has paid dividends to Mark Stoops’ staff but the early identification and the convincing them to attend has to take place. That innovation is the Friday Nights Lights Camp. Stoops’ recruiters are bulldogs on the recruiting trail and will wrestle any bear out there. They’ve always said that if they can get the youngster on campus they’ve got a punchers-chance.

    Saturday night’s entry of recruits into Rupp Arena was a scene that any recruiting enthusiast should have witnessed. Weaving his way through the maze of fans and onlookers, it was though Mark Stoops had a rope attached around his a waist and the other end attached to Jedrick Wills’ waste. As if to say son you are not getting away from me. I was the same thing on the concourse at halftime of the game. The same was true was true of Vince Marrow seated beside Lynn Bowden (Papa bear dwarfs Baby bear).

    Some Pasted recruiting Nuggets
    • Moe Williams 1996 – Tommy Limbaugh a night long telephone marathon.
    • Dennis Johnson 1997 – An automobile drive in the deep snow that should have been hooked up to a troop of Alaskan Huskies to Harrodsburg, Kentucky.
    • Lamar Dawson 2011 – The same as the aforementioned trip to Danville, Kentucky in the snow. Dawson committed to Southern Cal.
    • Bobby Blizzard 2000 – A battle to the end with Virginia Tech and the Virginia Cavaliers.
    * Rafael Little 2004 – As the 3:00 afternoon signing day presser was in progress Little was a hold out that the Rich Brooks was waiting on. interest. Some were worth the effort and other not.