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  • Exclusive: WR coach Pat Washington

    Question: How is redshirt Daryl Collins coming back off his knee injury?
    Washington: “I think he is progressing well. Coming back from an injury, particularly like him with his kneecap, is not as easy as it seems from the outside. Any kind of cut you make, it feels a little funny and you are afraid the same episode will happen. Has progressed well. has a setback here and there, but for the most part he’s good.”

    Question: Does he still have that explosiveness and big-play ability that had UK coaches so excited a year ago?
    Washington: “In time I think he can be a big-time playmaker. It’s a process. I don’t think it is going to happen overnight, but he does have the ability. As long as he continues to work and gains more confidence in what he is doing and his knee improves, he will be okay.”

    Question: How have redshirt freshmen Bookie Cobbins and Rashad Cunningham done in preseason camp?
    Washington: “They still have work to do. Bookie being a quarterback (in high school) and being new at the position and Rashad playing in a Wing-T offense in high school, it is all different for them. I think they are getting better. They are not quite where they need to be, but they are getting better.”

    Question: Does it take time even for players to realize it is not an easy transition to a new position, new offense?
    Washington: “Some guys, it is more natural. Like Randall Cobb, you could put him at cornerback and he would start tomorrow. He’s just a natural football player and athlete. Some guys have to train themselves to be a good position player. That’s very hard and frustrating. They are good athletes. Some guys can run around and play football and you put a basketball in their hands and they can’t dribble a ball or shoot it.
    “It is frustrating when you are an athlete thinking you can do these things and then you have to do it and you can’t. I have patience and I hope they have patience as well.”

    Question: What makes true freshmen Demarcus Sweat and A.J. Legree so good that coach Joker Phillips is already calling them special players?
    Washington: “They just get it. They are receivers. The only thing with freshmen is the learning curve and learning the system and playing with guys that are playing as fast daily as maybe the best team they played against in high school. It’s like playing their toughest opponent every day, which is tough. I remember a guy I coached who went to pro football that I coached and I asked him how it was. He said, ‘Coach, it is like playing Florida every day.’ That was pretty tough back in the days when (coach) Steve Spurrier was there. So for them, it is the same thing. It’s like playing their best high school game every day, so they have to compete at that level every day. Sometimes it is hard to get yourself up to compete at that level. If you don’t, you look bad. If you do, sometimes you do well.”

    Question: When they are competing at a high level, are they special?
    Washington: “I think so. They have the ability to play the position like you want them to play. Just the natural things of coming out of cuts, catching the football. They both have really good hands, really strong hands. You don’t have to spend a lot of time teaching guys that have played the position all the little points that you have to teach guys who have not played the position. These guys have been doing it in high school and can understand it. They get it quick.”

    Question: Experience is great in the SEC, but how much better is just pure talent like they seem to have?
    Washington: “You would like to have both and sooner or later we will have both with those guys. Experience is a huge factor, particularly early in the year, but talent usually outweighs experience and they have talent.”
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    1. ShoesSwayedBlue's Avatar
      ShoesSwayedBlue -
      JMO, but all our WRs have the athleticism to play SEC ball, which hasn't always been the case. But it sure is nice to see that we're getting more SEC level guys in who don't have to be walked through the baby steps of playing wideout.
    1. Droops63's Avatar
      Droops63 -
      Let's see what Washington does with the receivers this year. Maybe a ray of hope.
    1. Badinage's Avatar
      Badinage -
      I am optimistic. Our coaches are so cautious, I do not know if I should be excited.
    1. dan_bgblue's Avatar
      dan_bgblue -
      Quote Originally Posted by Droops63 View Post
      Let's see what Washington does with the receivers this year. Maybe a ray of hope.
      If the QB and WRs stay on the same page, the play calling is good, and the OL will give them a little time, it should be a big improvement over last year. jmho
    1. LarryVaught1's Avatar
      LarryVaught1 -
      Coaches are hopefully underselling and have been all month
    1. natedogstx's Avatar
      natedogstx -
      larry what's the vibe from the team? spoke with a former manager that recently graduated and he seemed pretty optimistic about the season.
    1. Catonahottinroof's Avatar
      Catonahottinroof -
      They really have no pressure other than what they place on themselves.