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  1. Platoon system shows advantage of tempo-free stats

    This is something I've been thinking about since I saw the pre-season all-conference and all-American teams come out and saw what is in my opinion an under-representation of UK players on these lists. So I just decided to do what is probably a too-long, very geeky article and get it out once and for all.

    A few years back I bought into the idea of tempo-free stats as espoused by Dean Oliver, Ken Pomeroy and others being a preferable method of gauging performance than raw numbers. ...

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  2. A Tempo-Free Look at UK-Texas

    In many ways, Kentucky and Texas are mirror images of one another, with UK a little better in most areas.

    Although John Calipari discussed Texas' team speed earlier in the week, neither UK nor Texas have played fast so far. UK is averaging 65.2 possessions/game, good for 232nd nationally in adjusted tempo. Texas is playing even slower, averaging 64.4 possessions/game (263rd nationally in adjusted tempo).

    With both teams, the slow pace is largely due to their opponents ...

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