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Thread: Dog GPS

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    Dog GPS

    Any suggestions? Needs to have a mile or so range. No bells and whistles really. Just need to have an idea where my dog is. He runs off every time there is a dark cloud....

    Considering the age of the dog, I don't want to drop a fortune on him.

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    Re: Dog GPS

    Most require a wifi connection so its not like LoJack. They do not have enough battery to connect to GPS without web connection. We researched it quite a bit and found no options for what we needed (escaped dog...where are you????).

    Alternatives include underground fence ($$), antianxiety drug (reconcile, amytriptyline,) or an electric collar. That was our choice. Has both tone and adjustable shock. Ours now responds instantly to tone and comes right home....lest he be reminded that noise means jolt if he ignores
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    Re: Dog GPS

    We have a cat that adopted us a few years ago that was an outside cat. Big cat, weighed 19 pounds, so he did alright for himself that way. We got worried with the street, the coyotes we have in our neighborhood, etc., and after he had an infection that required us to keep him inside for 10 days, we converted him to an inside cat only. He's happy now with it, but for a few weeks, he wasn't.

    Anyway, during that time, we looked into some collars. I found this article, but read up from people that had them and always seemed hit or miss. The Whistle 3 seemed to be the best of the bunch if you wanted to try something.


    EDIT...looks like they have replaced the Whistle 3 with another model now, the Whistle Go--maybe it's better, I dunno.

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    Re: Dog GPS

    Was actually looking at the Whistle and one other last night. The other has less range and less battery but cheaper and no fees. Not sure how that one would work in the woods.

    Invisible fence...had that for a while, it worked, but not during storms. Turned it off so he could start exploring more to hopefully find his way home.

    Meds...I give him Ace when I'm home and he is home. Doc, you suggested another med in the past, but my vet doesn't carry it...I tried a few others that seemed to have the reverse effect on him.

    My friend was bragging on his Garmin. After I saw the price...yeah, it should be good.

    I've basically built him a concrete cell. It works. However we both have to be home at the same time. Tried the thunder jacket as well, but again, we both have to be home.

    All of this for someone that is not an animal lover....my wife wanted him....guess who takes care of him

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    Re: Dog GPS

    I was always a dog person.

    So guess who has 4 cats, no dogs?

    I have no voice in my household.

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    Dog GPS

    Quote Originally Posted by Darrell KSR View Post
    I was always a dog person.

    So guess who has 4 cats, no dogs?

    I have no voice in my household.
    Want a dog? I will deliver.

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