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    Memorial Coliseum board -- returned to me

    Actually had this returned to me shortly before Dad passed. It resided with him for years before being returned to me. Thanks again to CitizenBBN for rescuing this part of history the higher-ups sought to discard.

    Memorial Coliseum_1.jpg

    Memorial Coliseum_2.jpg

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    Re: Memorial Coliseum board -- returned to me

    Ah, you're most welcome. Only sorry the campus cops rushed me and a few other dumpster divers off before we could get more pieces of it. Only ended up with a few. The plaque is so cool, I need to have one done for the one I kept.
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    Re: Memorial Coliseum board -- returned to me

    I didn't want to put the board under glass or anything--I wanted him (and me) to be able to touch it, and to feel connected to it. So it was a really easy way to attach something to it while allowing access.

    They really blew the opportunity. I'm amazed that really, so few people have a piece of that history, and I'm one of them. I'm not sure if I want to put it in my office at work, or my office at home, but I want to be able to look at it when I'm working, so it'll be in one of those locations semi-permanently.

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    Re: Memorial Coliseum board -- returned to me

    I have two, mounted on my man cave wall

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