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    Anthony Bordain not worth much at time of death

    Not a criticism, but it is surprising. Court documents put his estate at $1.2 million. that's not chicken feed, but a guy with multiple hit TV shows, successful books, etc.? Some estimates had him at $16 million, which makes a lot more sense.


    No indication from the filings as to what happened or didnt' happen, but I'd be curious to know. Just seems really low for a guy who surely was making some good bank before CNN and even more when he came over to them. I presume he gave a lot away or spent it or both. Or he's got a well hidden estate, lol.
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    Re: Anthony Bordain not worth much at time of death

    gov't got it

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    Re: Anthony Bordain not worth much at time of death

    Quote Originally Posted by Doc View Post
    gov't got it
    A big chunk of it I'm sure. I wonder if the Trump tax law really helped him b/c he did so much of his work out of the country, I wonder if he's actually been paid while abroad and counted that money as earned abroad and then didn't repatriate it back to avoid US taxes.

    I have no clue and don't know how that would work with individuals and the fact his product he's making while there is still largely for US consumption (is it "imported" into the US or is it a US product and he's just on location) may mean it's not even foreign, just a wild thought that maybe he's got more, it's just not in his US estate.
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