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    45 years ago a bus came by and I got on 6/10/73

    I don’t usually indulge my other hobbies here. Twitter people following me see a lot more. I’m little late posting this 45th anniversay of the day I became a Deadhead. This concert broke my mind, in ways I still think and feel today. Somewhere in the second set, I got lost in being alive. Never after would I just take what life brought me but I would go find it. Like licorice, they weren’t for everyone, but they were for me. There is no recapturing these moments. But I can still touch exactly the sight, smell, heat, sound, and thoughts.

    PS: This may have been the longest concert I ever saw. Most of these songs are 10 minute or longer expositions. AND the Dead came on right after the Allman Bros played their show.

    Robert F. Kennedy Stadium - Washington DC,
    Set 1:
    Morning Dew
    Beat It On Down The Line
    Ramble On Rose
    Jack Straw
    US Bluesp
    Looks Like Rain
    Box Of Rain
    They Love Each Other
    The Race Is On
    Row Jimmy
    El Paso
    Bird Song
    Playin' In The Band
    Set 2:
    Eyes Of The World
    Stella Blue
    Big River
    Here Comes Sunshine
    Around And Around
    Dark Star
    He's Gone
    Wharf Rat
    Sugar Magnolia
    Set 3:
    It Takes A Train To Cry
    That's Alright Mama
    Promised Land
    Not Fade Away
    Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad
    Not Fade Away
    Johnny B. Goode

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    Re: 45 years ago a bus came by and I got on 6/10/73

    Haven’t heard most of those in a long time. Great memories. I wish we could recreate it today. Alas, the memories will have to give us comfort.
    Real Fan since 1958

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    45 years ago a bus came by and I got on 6/10/73

    When I was in college and living in the dorms the guy across the hall from me was a Deadhead from St Louis.

    He had his windows totally blacked out with aluminum foil, with the exception of a desk lamp and a light in the closet, the lighting was all black light. The walls were covered in Greatfull Dead posters and concert placards both in fluorescent and others with black light paint highlighted areas around the edges as well as other black light meanderings on the wall.

    There was always the low hum of some melodic Dead tune reverberating through the door. This guy had bootleg tapes from who knows where that he played on a reel to reel Wollensac recorder that he no-doubt stole from his high school English department.

    You already know the aroma wafting from a dampened towel under the door.

    We called him Fish and his roommate was Doc (from Philly), they were Med Tech majors. They were the ones that introduced me to the Dead, and while I like their music I never turned the corner and joined the “movement”.

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