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    Report from Commission on College Basketball

    Long and with a lot of ideas, but not ending amateurism

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    Re: Report from Commission on College Basketball

    Sounds like they called up Cal and asked him for all his ideas. LOL, Cal has been so far ahead on all this stuff. I read elsewhere UK is already doing some of the degree completion stuff.

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    Re: Report from Commission on College Basketball

    It's hard to express how stupid and useless this is. Not a single thing they are proposing, outside of lifetime bans on coaches, will make any difference wrt why the commission was formed.

    How do you realistically stop a player from going to the pros after one year? And why is staying two years *so* preferable to one? Yes, let kids go out of HS, but have a panel determine those who can and those who cannot do that to keep them from making stupid mistakes.

    Let players have control of their likeness and benefit from it.

    How is allowing players go through the draft really going to make any difference? This year the deadline to remove oneself from the draft is June 11 and the draft is June 21. Oh, that's a whole 10 days!!! Yes, *that* will make a huge difference! I'm not opposed to allowing players to go through the draft and return to college, but let's not act like this is some huge issue.

    But please, dear God, will someone explain to these morons there is no such thing as a one and done player, a priori?
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    Re: Report from Commission on College Basketball

    Until they address the basic amateurism rules they are doomed. College basketball is big business and until they want to share the money with the athletes they will be fighting and losing these battles.

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    Re: Report from Commission on College Basketball

    At first I thought this article and report were a waste.
    But, a couple of things that jumped out to me.
    I Liked Rice’s subtle dig at UNC and their classes. She’s right. That should be an NCAA issue.
    Secondly, their ideas about keeping kids in school are pretty aggressive. Floating the idea of not letting freshman play is wild.

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    Re: Report from Commission on College Basketball

    Their heart is in the right place. Their head is located south of it however, but I'm not sure if it's up their ass or just buried in the sand.

    There are a few good ideas there, but it's nothing near sweeping enough to really solve anything.
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