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    Stoops Continuing on His Summer Speaking Circuit - the Rotary Club

    Though it's a function of a head coach of a major college football, Mark Stoops would tell you he will be glad when August 5 rolls around. We know of at least two more major events he has to speak at - the Louisville chapter of the Alumni Association of seven-hundred fans and a like event at the Patterson Ballroom in Lexington. These are just the ones we know of but he will never take the Billy Gillispie stance of, he is a football coach only, and unlike Gillispie, never never shunning the responsibility of a coach of a big time school like the University of Kentucky.

    The coach was asked what it was like going into the new football facility this morning? "It was really fun for myself," an elated Stoops said. "For our president Dr Capiluto and our athletic director Mitch Barnhart. It was fun." He said most of all he was happy for the players. They've been through a lot. "We promised them that when recruiting them. It's good to see that finally coming to fruition. It's absolutely fantastic. It's been so long but I told "Juice" (Johnson) really it hasn't. It's been so long but yet it hasn't. We got the funding, we go the architecture going but it takes a long to get a building like that going.

    He said - "It's going to help Kentucky football for a long time to come. It's really fun walking a recruit through there rather than showing him models and drawings. That is the biggest difference maker. I was for me. I purposely didn't go in there for a couple weeks. When I went there one day last and I hadn't seen it for a couple weeks I was overwhelmed. He said when you put all the graphics and finishing touches on it, the looks will yet again look different.

    Stoops was asked if he had a favorite part of it. He said - "I like all of it. But I and the players like the meeting room because it is beautiful, quiet, and you have that all alone feeling." Perhaps left lone to your thoughts. "I like the locker room for our players and it will help us in our recruiting. but mainly I like it for our players They've been through a lot and it will help them in their development"

    When you look good, you feel good, play good, do feel like you are no longer second best? "There's no doubt about it," the coach said. "You've heard me talk about it. There's a difference between a climate change in a program and a culture change." He said they know of the uniforms and the marketing is important but that's not who they are. "We deserve the best because we are in the best league, we play against the very best, we recruit against the very best and think that will make a difference because we are committed."

    The players will start working out in the building on the 4th of August when they report.

    I reported this morning that Matt Elam down thirty pounds but Stoops remained cautious in his response. "I not going to jinx myself (laughs)," Stoops said. "We are just a couple of pizza's of going back the other way. I'm making light of it but he has definitely lost some weight. Matt has worked hard. I talked about it several time. I've been committed to working with him, putting people around him and educating him to help him get down. It's not as easy as telling him go run some stadium steps. You have to educate him and help him."

    Elam was the only UK player to attend the commitment announcement of Madison Southern running back Damien Harris who jolted him by an unexpected commitment to Alabama. He said he would see him when they met on the gridiron. We are sure he would like to deliver on that promise.
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    Re: Stoops Continuing on His Summer Speaking Circuit - the Rotary Club

    I am current Rotary club president in my hometown so I am very happy with this



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