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Darrell KSR

5 Things after watching these games

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Here are 5 things I think after watching this DR game:

1. We are really damn good. I keep thinking its the competition, but now I'm starting to think we just make everyone look worse than they are. Garcia and Sosa are really good players, and they looked like High Schoolers today.

2. Karl Towns will never, ever play the 3. That needs to be let go right now. He is a big, with great post moves who can shoot. Sam Perkins is actually not the worst comparison for him. He will play 4 and 5 for us. But no way he can ever guard a 3. If it were me, I wouldn't start him and would bring him off the bench. He is instant scoring and a better low post threat than WCS when DJ is out.

3. If AP hits those outside shots (even as good as his Freshman year), we will be nearly impossible to beat.

4. Our starters will struggle to guard quick guards, but Ulis and Hawkins are plenty for us to handle them when needed.

5. Booker isn't asserting himself for now, but he will be crucial during the season, because I think most teams will play zone against us (and should).

Your thoughts??

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