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  • Report card vs MSU


    General Impressions Clearly a huge win. Lose and UK has no chance for a SEC title, and looks like a poss Wednesday SECT game. We are not in the driver seat but we want the double bye, this gets us that IMO. As for the game, great finish, huh? IMO it was a case of the sum was greater than the parts. Wasn't a player who had a good first half, and had some show up for the second. Hats off to Reed, but also Rob. IMO he was the spark or catalyst. Also, UK never gave up, just hung in there and bided their time. Concerning is the crappy start to the game. Who would have thought we would score 91 points when it we had 35 at the half? Yep, we tallied 56 after the break, and out scored them by 10.

    Tre Mitchell

    Justin Edwards C- In 18 minutes, he took 3 shots, hit 1 for 2 points. Had a turnover and a steal, no assists, and 4 rebounds. Had a few bad calls against him, which led the team for fewest bad calls. But he did have a couple good defensive series.

    DJ Wagner B- He get a bump for starting strong when nobody else did. Hit the opening trey, then one later on. Managed 10 points, 4 assists and 2 rebounds. Had a couple nice and needed drives to the rim. Was a -6 on the +/- which isn't all that great. But he did provide some needed physicality on the perimeter.

    Aaron Bradshaw C Aaron is what he is. Got a couple much needed baskets, went 2-2 in just over 6 minutes. Only had one rebound but 2 blocks. I did appreciate his rim work.

    Antonio Reeves B+ Led the team in minutes with 36 plus, gave us 21 points on 8-15 shooting but only 2-7 behind the line. 2 assists and no turnovers was nice and a couple bonus boards. I will say his game was "quiet" but still effective. UK was a positive 3 while he was on the floor. He has really turned up his game so much that a 21 point outing is ho-hum. Says a lot about expectations, and meeting them.

    Zvonimir Ivisic B We needed Z and he showed up despite being thrown around like yesterdays trash. Good gosh, he spent more time on the ground trying to get up than he did doing anything else. Once he realized the officials were going to allow the shoving, and I am not talking physical play, I am talking pushes and throw to the ground, he played much better. Simply a case of trying to play physical but not being allowed to do so because the opponents were granted the ability to grapple. Still, Z led the +/- with 17. In a 2 point game, that is outstanding. He only had 2 points, going 1-5, only had 4 rebounds, only had zero assists, in 21 and 1/2 minutes but did have three blocks, and IMO was the most effective of the centers defensively. I would have preferred him to Onyenso at games end, and so do may other "beanies"

    Robert Dillingham A- His numbers do not match his grade but I don't care. They are my grades and I can do as I damn well please. 9 points on 2-7 shooting, with a trey, 4-4 from the line, 2 assists and 3 turnovers in 16 minutes does not warrant an A- however he changed the game. The speed/tempo went up, MSU had to deal with it which they did but that helped open up Reed and Reeves considerably. They could not cover all three, so Robert took the bullet. He had as much to do with Reeds 32 points and Reeves 21 points as they did.

    Reed Sheppard A He had the plus until that pass. Oh man.... but without the heroics, the pass isn't made. And without the pass he doesn't get to RIP THEIR HEARTS OUT!!!!!!! That was a monster game, and it was all done after halftime. He had 9 pts at half to lead UK, and then 23 after the half. Played 35:30, hit 11-14 overall, all his misses were on treys, he went 4-7 long range. Led the team in rebounds (5), assists (7) and steals (2), plus had a couple blocks. We outscored MSU by 11 with him on the floor. And boy was that fun watching that last play. You knew it was either him or Rob, and am glad it was Shep. He is who you want to have the ball when its on the line because he will usually make the right play, be it a shot, assist or pass (why I said usually)

    Ugonna Onyenso D Was -21 which was team worse. He wasn't tough or mean. In his defense, the officials didn't seem to want to call being run over as a foul, but did if he touched whomever he guarded. When that happens you have to put on your big boy pants and take it, then make them pay. No points, no shots, 2 rebounds and a turnover in 12 minutes. Was extremely disappointed.

    Adou Thiero B This one was a toughy. 11 points on 4-9 shooting, including a trey. Only 3 rebounds and a couple steals. We certainly going to the rim. He appears to be the best lob option we have, and it seems his teammates look for him there where as they don't always for the bigs. 26 minutes with a -1.

    Jordan Burks

    Joey Hart

    Coaching B Kept the team focused, made some good moves, played who was hot, didn't get any technical fouls (which was a surprise...I could not have done it were I the coach). I do question the use of Onyenso the last minutes as I felt Z a better option since he was playing better, but we won.

    Officials D Throwing players to the ground should always be a foul, period. Physical is physical, but it should be allowed both directions. Joe Lindsey is quickly moving to Doug Shows/Tony Greene territory. Still short of Pat Adams but getting there.

    Commentators C

    Other Props to MSU for rallying back on some crazy shots. Props to them for taking advantage of the officials. Props to them for literally beating the hell out of us and getting away with it. It ain't a foul unless its called. We shot 55% and 33% from the field (61 in the second half) which is so so. We lost the battle on the glass 27-34 as well as the assists by 1. However turnovers was 10 for UK and 15 for them, and steals 9-6 for the good guys. Biggest surprise was blocked shots where we had 7 and they failed to record one.
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