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  • Grading the Expected and the Unexpected


    Mark felt the team played hard but “we practiced so hard on the things we need to, we wanted to do so much we didn’t do fundamentally well,” Stoops said out of frustration. It wasn’t until the last three minutes, they only 11 plays.” He felt they needed to get more plays on the film to properly execute on offensively and defensively - C+.

    Stoops said they just didn’t have many plays and our playmakers didn’t get touches they need to get. MORE TOUCHES exponentially Ditto Ditto Ditto…. the said coach said. He said he can’t put the games anemia on any one player or coaches. Frustration level – D.

    He said they will practice on the things they need to in order to play better on week two – a worn out phrase – C.

    Getting off the field on third down, even though many of those were very manageable – D

    The real good news is that Kenneth Horsey’s injury is not season-ending. Stoops feels it will be a couple of weeks, although I’m sure he will want to rush it. Florida comes to Lexington week five. A+

    Trevin Wallace was without a doubt the best player on the field Saturday. Stoops said on their GPS meter the second fastest UK Player on the team. He chased down from behind one of Ball State’s receivers – A.

    Offensive lineman Dylan Ray took over for Horsey and is #1 0n the depth chart for this week’s Eastern Kentucky game. Stoops said he played well Saturday. Stoops said he is getting better and better and he battles and is smart - B+

    Ohio State transfer offensive lineman Darrin Henry-Young is also a hidden talent that’s getting better every day. He’s put on more girth and muscle and with his quickness is going to be a strong contributor – B.

    Devin Leary who hasn’t played in a game in 11-months, played subpar compared to the hype he received going into the game Saturday – C.

    Dane Key just gets better and better and is a matchup problem for the opponents UK will play. He seems to consistently find green space on the field. I won’t say He will evolve into Leary’s favorite but that might just happen because he knows if it’s catchable, Key with catch it in and out of traffic – A+.

    Stoops said Andru Phillips played well at the cornerback position – B+

    Ray Davis lived up to his hype. His vision is superb, likewise his cutting ability, and running behind his pads – A+

    Special teams were exponentially improved - A

    For now, we will cease and desist grading for fear of leaving somebody off. There are a lot of season left.
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    My last contest entry was laughably bad. Hopefully this one will redeem me.

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    Miami by 7
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    I think you are right Doc. He wont be scoring any more points for Miami. Thanks for the reminder!

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    FL St 100

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    Miami by 4
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    Tb: 32%

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