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  • Kentucky Baseball Doubleheader Today hosting Indiana State

    Indiana State was a pretty good team last year, just missing the top 100 RPI, and, although it is early, they have an RPI of 73 today, despite a 2-5 record. The Missouri Valley Conference can be a good baseball conference. Last year they played 6 games against Quadrant 1 opponents, going 2-3-1, so they have a pretty good outcome about half the time. Would like to see Kentucky get the sweep today.

    Although our record is decent at 6-2, and it is far too early to worry about this stuff just yet, something to keep an eye on all season will be our RPI. We sit today at 96, of course, too heavily influenced by our opponents at this point. Our strength of schedule is 159, but that will go up and, again, I actually think that we did a good job with scheduling this year so I am optimistic that it will pay off. Of course, Nick and the boys have to do their part when the games, too.

    Early-season RPI is always fun to watch. The top 3 teams are all ACC, and then the fourth team is from the SEC, finally, but not one you would think Georgia. The funny thing about Georgia, who has eight 7-2 record, is they vaulted from #221 last week to #4 this week.

    After Georgia, we see a Princeton team with a 2-3 record coming in at RPI #5, and Columbia, who is won only 1 game this year, sporting a lofty #8 RPI. Obviously, way, way, way too early to worry about RPI but just fun to watch.
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