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  • Mark Stoops Speaks of Realiism and the Future


    Vanderbilt University Commodore come to Lexington Saturday November 11th. No doubt they intend to drop anchor in Kroger Field and take some sports-grass them as a souvenir for upsetting Kentucky! Nothing has changed. No doubt when they perused their schedle and when they come to UK they circle that game as a win. For some stange reason Missouri has adopted Kentucky as their rival game. They have to be notified the feeling is not mutual on BBN side.

    The Wildcats with all of it's malfunctions, put a Hobnail in the face to the Missouri Tigers and reminded them 'we still own you." UK's defense was stalwart holding the Tiger to 2-13 in third down convesions.

    Kentucky now enters a three-game homestand to fnish the regular season. The chore now is to fornulate a minimun of eight wins. That won't be easy. The Wildcats will be favored over Vandy and looking ahead to the U of L Cardinals UK would be favor in Kroger Field, though the Cards are playing better as the season has progressed.

    Some may say, why are you skipping ove the Georgia game? I acknowlege anything can happen in a football game but realistically the Bulldogs have better talent. You just hope they don't take too much out of UK with Louisville to follow.

    To recruit and Re-cruit In college football under the current umbrella, the transfer portal looms threatening in some cases and a possible boon for your team. UK has several youngster making a significant contribution to the team. To name a few: Alex Afari, Barion Brown, Dane Key, Kiyaunta Goodwin, Josh Kattus, Keaten Wade, Jordan Dingle, Dekel Crowdus, Trevin Wallace, Adru Philipps and Jager Burton. These are all mostly freshmen, redshirt freshmen or sophomores. Stoops we ask what his approach is?
    "It's the players in the locker-room in how they treat each other," Stoops said. "As coaches we have to have to guard against saying we are against it. You just want help people grow. sometimes it is essential because it's right for both sides. And you have to say to a young man 'let me help to continue to develop you physically and give them some tough love."