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  • Report card....Vandy Kentucky

    General Impressions Solid game considering it is our FIRST actual road win of the season. 2 months in and we had not tallied a victory in an opponents gym, sort of sad for me. Also an odd atmosphere due to a lack of students. They bring lots to the "memorial magic". But the children are our future so lets protect one of the least affected groups. Good call Vandy...woke power!

    Keion Brooks B- Started slow but overall did well. Like his minutes played (22:41) as they were productive. 5 rebounds is strong, 9 points is solid, and no turnovers is excellent. Plus TWO bonus assists. He gives us that nightly as we are a better team. Its when he does not produce that we look bad. It was an average game but not spectacular.

    Shavir Wheeler B Didn't play, grade is for the new hairdo. 100% improvement!

    TyTy Washington A- Steps in again tonight to lead the team. Lead the team with nearly 37 minutes. I am not a fan of that much playing time. It will comeback to kick us in the long run. 15 points on 6-11 shooting, 4 assist but 3 turnovers. He played with great poise and confidence. I was comfortable whenever he had the ball. Made consistently wise decisions on when to shoot, when to drive, when to pass.

    Oscar Tshiebwe A Vandy had no answer. He was a man among boys, doing as he wished. 30 points on 11-16 shooting, 8-10 from the line and 13 rebounds. But played 35 minutes and only managed to be whistled twice. UK has always worked hard with the bigs on the drop steps and using the glass, with Oscar its paying huge dividends.

    Kellen Grady C+ Needs to get more selfish and shoot the damn ball. 9 shots in 35 minutes is not enough looks. No rebounds and 2 assists. Not a great game despite the 9 points.

    Jacob Toppin C+ I want to give him a higher grade but the stats don't support. 2 great dunks, 5 rebounds and 3 assists are positives, but we need more than that from our 6th man. I love his hustle, I love his energy but I need something more. Am grading more on expectations with him.

    Davion Mintz B+ Really loved his shooting of late. 3-5 from long range tonight, and starting to get his last last year form. Logged 33:29 minutes, most of the season, and did quite well. 9 points on 3-8 shooting, 2 rebounds and 2 assists. Some might gripe that his stats are quite similar to a C+ Grady but it comes to expectation and opportunity. Grady has consistently shown to be reluctant to shoot, and is seen as a primary player on the team--our starting wing. Mintz started tonight as a fill in but did so admirably without screwing up the chemistry.

    Bryce Hopkins B- Fought, played hard...no issues with his time or effort. Stats were not great, 1-2 shooting but 5 rebounds in just over 14 mintues. Offered quality minutes, and during his minutes UK only gave up 2 more points than they scored.

    Dontaie Allen IC Would have liked to see a few minutes but I ain't the coach

    Lance Ware IC Would have liked to see a few minutes but I ain't the coach

    Damion Collins C- 5 unforgetable minutes where we were outscored by 13 pts. 2 rebounds and no points. Maybe playing him some earlier in the season might have helped....... but I ain't the coach

    Sheadon Sharpe Has officially moved ahead of Allen, Ware and Collins on the depth chart despite not having played a single minute.

    Coaching B Some good adjustments with Wheeler out and the utilization / expansion of Oscars game. Still have beefs with excessive playing time of the starters at the expense of the bench development.

    Officials B+ Saw Shows and Greene and expected a whistle fest combined with a gang bang. Far exceeded expectations, and only 27 fouls the entire game.

    Commentators C Lost an entire grade for claiming early it was an excellent officiating crew. They lost all credibility, especially when Bilas complains about every call.

    Other I have to say that our three point shooting is really coming together of late. 6-12 (50% for you English majors) is outstanding. We crushed them on the boards 42-26. Our 8 turnovers was another high point. The poor finish, especially the last 6 minutes, is some cause for concern. But its nice to chalk up a road win in a gym that is a tough place to do that.
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