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  • Deandre Square post practice press conference today

    Came full circle, first went to Citrus Bowl when he was 18, now 21.

    Everybody was energized at practice today.

    Iowa has a very tough, gritty offense. One of the best O-lines in the country. He is excited to get on the field and compete with them.

    Watched a few games Iowa. You have to outphysical Iowa. You know they are going to run the ball. Have to play more physical than them.

    Physicality is a mental thing. You either have it or you don't.

    Very important for us to finish season off with a win. You want to remember the last game you played, you want to go off with a win.

    Very important for me...the four years have flown by. I have not lost a bowl game, and don't plan on losing this one.

    Also very important for us to play for the people back home, get the win for them in these troubling times (re: the tornadoes and such).
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