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    Some of the BBN are saying we just crushed Louisville, asking why I am talking about Tennessee. I’m glad you asked. There are actually some fans out there who are saying even though it's fun beating Louisville, it becoming boring. Really!

    I know it never became boring to the Tennessee fans beating the Kentucky team's head in. Kentucky played an integral part of building the Tennessee Volunteers to national prominence. There are U of L fans rooting for the reshaping the SEC with Texas and Oklahoma sooner rather than later. In the event of a possible pod-system in the scheduling, Louisville might escape. First the Dean of the power-five commissioners Greg Sankey said the earliest the reshaping can take place is 2024 - when EF Hutton speaks, you listen.

    Given all the coach movement, the same each year is going to be much like this year. Coaches will again be on the move. Just take your pick of any team in the South that Kentucky defeats. Kentucky is just not supposed to beat because them because of the history of its basketball team. After losing to Kentucky, their move is BY Choice or by Chance? The choice is chasing after brighter, grounds (Brian Kelly to LSU). By Chance is getting defeated by Cincinnati at South Bend. Historically, that’s not supposed to happen at a major power.

    Why does LSU have Brian Kelly now instead of Ed Orgeron? Kentucky defeated LSU. Why is Florida looking for a new head coach? Kentucky defeated them – Florida implodes and Dan Mullen is gone – Kentucky mauls Tennessee at Neyland Stadium and Greg Pruitt is gone. It is just not acceptable for a Kentucky in the South Eastern conference to lose to Kentucky. Kentucky has gotten LSU twice. In 1998 Kentucky defeated the Tigers in Death Valley (night games at LSU) 39-36 – Gerry DiNardo is out in 1999. Florida’s new head coach Billy Napier because UK defeated them.

    There are different ways to look at it but let’s go on to the precarious nature of moves across college landscape this year and in the past.

    Lincoln Riley and Oklahoma has dominated the Big Twelve with Oklahoma State closing in – and not being dominant in recruiting for the Sooner Schooner. So suddenly USC looks more attractive to Riley. Subsequently to the decision, State defeats them in the Big 12 championship game.

    So for Mark Stoops’ part at UK, who will be the next victim at the hands of UK? Seemingly, every game Stoops coach’s at UK, records will continue to fall. There’s an old cliché that says “everything goes around comes around.” Could UK be approaching their glory years and is the South ready to except it?
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