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  • John Calipari Got a Lions Share of His Answers in the Blue/White Game

    When Calipari gave his summation of what he saw out of his Wildcats, you could see happiness oozing out of his speech and body language.

    "There was some good about his team performed, " Calipari said about in real-time. The competitiveness was truly there buttressing his statement in his opening press conference the media on media day.

    It was pretty obvious Sahvir Wheeler and TyTy Washington are the main spokes in the wheel that make them as the team go. Wheeler was a little shaky to start the game but when things smoothed out he was everything he is was advertised to be for the Wildcats. Washington does many of those same things but adds some outside shooting.

    Wheeler was asked what he found out about John Calipari that surprised him. "It surprised me about how much he cares about his players," the speedy guard said. "He has made us a big family. He invites us to his house every weekend."

    Cal said he doesn't want his team pounding the ball, they came here to shoot the ball. "My team has a high IQ," Calipari said. "The reason is we have older players. We have players that can play the 3, 4, and 5 positions on the court. I like a stetch-4 that can play like a guard. I want their feet going fast but their minds going slower."

    Cal said the exhibition games are to look at and find combinations on the court that work well together.

    Keelan Grady can knock it down and is best when the team is running. Bryce Hopkins has the whole package to be an absolute star.

    Calipari now has a lot of film on his team to study and I would like to be a fly on the wall to see some of the smiles he emits while dreaming about where his team could be in March.
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      KeithKSR -
      Thanks, Lonny!
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      dan_bgblue -
      Quote Originally Posted by KeithKSR View Post
      Thanks, Lonny!
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      blueboss -

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      bigsky -
      What if everybody does what you ask on defense and rebounding and toughness? “I’ll figure it out. I have in the past…”

      Ha ha.
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      catmanjack -
      Really going to be an interesting season, team will be good but how good is open for interpretation.
      Still think stubbornness will cloud the ultimate vision.
    1. kingcat's Avatar
      kingcat -
      Loved the write up but do disagree with the premise. He got very little from it he didnt already know.

      The lions share will inevitably come from the two exhibitions and the Duke game.

      I think we have the best coach ever in the game for taking a revamped team and making a contender in less than a season.
      One who just performed the greatest job of stocking a depleted line up that I can recall in, right at, 60 years of following the game.

      I disagree with Cal on many things..but he usually makes it seem foolish and the result of fanaticism. I am constantly amazed at the rabbits he pulls out of each respective hat.

      In the end, his dogs almost always hunt, but on rare occasions they don't. Regardless we sit at home, complain, and wait for our meat and taters.

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      catmanjack -
      2012 is getting smaller and smaller in the rear view mirror, 2015 just as smaller.
      Meanwhile NBA teams load up with UK talent.