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  • What Makes Mark Stoops A Candidate to Pull up Stakes?

    Mark Stoops has done a marvelous job at the University of Kentucky. Taking over a program that was 2-10. At a Pro-day in 2012, a Pro scout ask me "what is this?" The strongest player on the team pound-for-pound was walk-on running back 5-foot-8 170-pound CoShik Williams. On the bench, he put up 185-pounds 22-times. Kentucky had a starting defensive end Collins Ukwu 6-foot-5 270-pounds. He looked like an Adonis and put up the likewise amount of weight 9-times. There was only one player that could run a 4.5 forty.

    Stoops started 12-26 and from there he is now 51-50 and only ten wins from being the winningest coach in Kentucky history. If analytics and the job he has done were the deciding factor, Stoops would be a shoo-in.

    Football pundits (fans) would see Stoops as attractive for their head-man. But the traditional school name, the boosters, the factions, and a huge portion of the fan base wouldn't be willing to accept Mark Stoops.

    The name of Stoops carries a lot of weight for the now vacant Southern Cal but is not germane to the situation. A retired Bob Stoops, YES, because of what he accomplished at Oklahoma.

    Mark Stoops hasn't built up enough coaching cache going to the wire in the Eastern Division of the SEC.
    If he were to defeat Florida and LSU and take the Georgia Bulldogs to the wire in the SEC East Championship game then perhaps that would change. He can't have a slip-up at Starkville against Mississippi State. Why do I point out Mississippi state? Because that is a very difficult place to play, and especially if they are winning and cow-bells ringing in your ears.

    Donte Williams is now the interim head coach at USC. The firing of Clay Helton sent shock waves across the college football world. Athletic Director's at Penn State, Oregon, Cincinnati, Minnesota to name a few are sweating bullets over the fact they don't want to be conducting a coaching search this year.

    Southern Cal could put all the aforementioned at ease by hiring the Kansas City offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy. He can sport a Super Bowl to recruits having coached Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, and Tyreek Hill.

    But for now Mitch Barnhart can relax because the warm and not quite hot Mark Stoops isn't going anywhere. At this point, why would Stoops want to leave what a recent national survey said is the friendliest city in America? That same survey said Los Angeles is the most unfriendly city in America. Why would stoops want to leave football program that is fast positioning itself to challenge to top of the league. A culture he has changed. That same Missouri game that a few year UK would found a way to lose.