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  • Brad White Excited About His Defense


    * The change in the offense has been a learning experience for the defensive guys.

    * As Mark Stoops said, sometimes a change is good. Defensive coordinator Brad White said "making it is good for us." He said it's helping to eliminate stagnancy.

    * Veteran linebacker DeAndre Square said his coach Jon Sumrall said sometimes it's good to be nasty and stand up to teammates and sometimes coaches.

    * "I'm not a mean guy and when I was a younger player on this team, I did my job and went home," Square said.

    * "DeAndre (Square) has been a big-time leader for us," White said." "He was under-sized when we recruited him." Now the coach wants more from him as a leader.

    * Square said that for the last two nights he hasn't left the building until about 7:00 studying film and helping the younger to study the new offense.

    * Square said the old me is gone because I have to be a leader.

    * He said the installs were routine in the old system. He said days 1,2,3 were all the same. Now his whole world is turned upside down.

    * White said the other inside guy is presently De'Eryk Jackson that's a 6-foot-1 250-pounder. He had some playing time against Auburn. But he has been more of an introverted guy and now he has to be an Alfa Dog.

    * White said he doesn't measure body types, only he knows who can carry different weights. Now Paschal is carrying 302-pounds and Marquan McCall is down some pounds.

    * Square expressed some excitement about his homeboy. Square said - "He's done a whole 360. He's more active. When he first got here he was more of a funning type of guy. Now he more professional. I think he's going to have a huge year for us."

    * Marquez is now a jack-linebacker where White said he is more comfortable. He and Jordan Wright will man those positions.

    * K.D. McDaniel is getting more comfortable. I an earlier writing I predicted he would have a breakout year. Learning brings confidence which enables him to play fast and physical.
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