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  • Take-Aways in Tough Loss to the Razorbacks 81-80

    In a hard-fought loss, there are several takeaways both positive and negative
    1) Kentucky shot the ball better from the three-point line 53.8 percent - The best since 1995 that ironically was against Arkansas.
    2) Cats held turnovers to just 11 which is a big improvement - all those gassers in practice for mistakes are paying off.
    3) Devin Askew shot from the three was on point tonight - BJ Boston said being in the gym early in the morning and late at night is paying off for the team as a whole.
    4) Askew showed some leadership - Boston said he just fired us up and that's something that we need.
    5) Moral losses suck for this team that's going so badly has to be a confidence builder.

    Negative takeaways;
    1) Even though UK cut their turnover Arkansas 12-4 advantage off of turnovers.
    2) UK unable to keep the Razorbacks out of the paint on offense 32-20 paint points advantage on the Cats.
    3) Where the youth of the Wildcats shows is they are not strong with the ball - Arkansas got took the ball out of the hands of the Cats several times.
    4) BJ Boston said the last shot was set up for him but things happen.
    5) Isaiah Jackson is a fireball on the court but needs to harness his youthful enthusiasm - Cal said he told him to let it go.