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  • All the Defensive Players are Feeling ready for the Alabama Challenge


    Brad White said they have had a good response in practice this week. "I want them to forget about everything and just go out there and play," White said.

    "We are going against the #1 team in the country at their place and we've got to be more consistent. We need to find that consistency level.

    "That eye in the sky doesn't lie," White said about what it reveals about every player.

    - JJ Weaver was awarded the Freshman of the Week Award. The coach was asked what he did to merit that award and to walk us through Weaver's performance. "JJ (Weaver) is just cutting it loose," White said. He talked about his awareness and attention to detail - His classroom study and he ask good questions. "when he hits somebody they go down."

    - Quinton Bohanna was also awarded by the coaching staff in word and deed. However, there's been a lot of questioning as to what happened to one of the SEC's defenses. Coach Stoops was, to say the least, very irritated with the play of the defense.

    - Bohanna was asked what happened. He summed it up in one word "Urgency." He said they need to line up, get their eyes to see the side-line and play the game. He seemed somewhat agitated about hearing about other players. "I'm tired of hearing about other players," he said "We are good players, too. I am a future Pro."

    Bohanna said against Alabama they need to read their keys meaning recognize Zone, recognize Power, and recognize counter. "They are similar to our offense."

    Linebacker Marquez Bembry, in the absence of DeAndre Square started and got a lot of snaps for the coaches to get on film. He said he felt like he played alright but the need to work n the little things. "I know people are saying that was against Vandy and we will get a chance to see Alabama the #1 team in the country," an excited Bembry said.