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  • LSU transfer Kelvin Joseph ready to contribute at Kentucky

    After sitting out last year due to NCAA transfer rules after his freshman year at LSU, Kentucky defensive back Kelvin Joseph is anxious to contribute on the field. Last year he said that he felt more like a freshman, playing on the scout team, but this year he is raring to go.

    Kelvin spent a few minutes talking with the media after Thursday afternoon's practice.

    *When he was at LSU, Kelvin said it was a challenge, since they were known as DBU. Just because they are not known yet at Kentucky just means that they have something to prove and he is confident that they will show everyone. He said that they were going to make a lot of plays this year from their position. Calvin doesn't lack confidence, and he's not holding back. I'm going to say what is on my mind, Kelvin said. He told the media that they knew his position group was good, but the fans that don't, that art respecting them right now, to let them know that we are on our way. He's not going to keep it a secret.

    *When Kelvin was asked if the Kentucky playbook was difficult, he just replied that all playbooks are difficult unless you study them. He said that they are challenging, but you have to break them down and they really help bring your game to a different level when you start to understand them the way that you should.

    *Kelvin sees himself as a defensive back, he is primarily playing corner right now, but he is planning for every position.

    * Kelvin was asked about Vito Tisdale and said pretty much the same as most say. He's making plays, shows a lot of ability, and needs to work on some of the small things.

    * (forgive me, I had to look up this name). Kelvin hung out a little this year with Torrence Hatch, better known by the name "Lil Boosie," a rapper from Baton Rouge Louisiana. Although Lil Boosie is an LSU fan, he said he is working on getting him to Kentucky for games, and got a get him in that Kentucky jersey. He said that he is also a basketball fan and expects him to come to UK.
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      Catfan73 -
      Joseph is actually the highest rated player out of high school on UKs roster I believe, narrowly edging out Joey Gatewood and Justin Rogers.