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  • Who will be the Leaders for the Wildcats on Both Sides of the Ball


    This most definitely is a different season in what college football is supposed to be about.

    In a crucial play anticipation situations, there be no there will be no "GET LOUD" exhortation from the Jumbotron of the fans that will be in the stadium.

    So, what pumps up the players in that situation? It comes from the inner strength of the players that serve to jack them up.

    First, let's focus and point out who that bell-cow will be on the field. There is no Lynn Bowden that was that driving force. It almost has to be, Terry Wilson. Much like Bowden last seson, he cut his hair that had been there since high school. What follows with that gesture? Will that make him a strong voval leader.

    Will it be Josh Ali? He said he is trying to come out vocally but he is a self proffessed lead by example kind of guy.

    I know. Drake Jackson is the man because he plays with that fire both physically and vocally that coaches are
    looking for. Let's look at Clevan Thomas that the offensive coaches are constantly talking about.

    Before we focus on the defensive side of the ball, that look at the sideline. There's Mark Stoops with some fire especially with the refs. But exhibiting some butt-kicking of a player that needs to get the best from him?There's Big Dog that is very instructional of the players. Eddie Gran that is a veteran coach that knows his play calling business.

    The X-Factor that will replace Derek LeBlanc, is defensive line ccoach Anwar Stewart. Stewart is a fiery, energetic knowledgable, no non-sense coach and the best trait is he can relate to the players on their level.

    Now, the defense. Stewart will have a full contengency of players that he can subsitute from. And what never grows old is the bench which is the greatest motivator of all. He is eight or nine deep at his position. When you have Octavious Oxendine, Justin Rogers, and Josiah hayes waiting for their turn to help the team and show off their wares, there's no slacking. Teh coaches want 100 percent on every play.

    But the question remains who will the vocal leadership be? You have look at linebacker DeAndre Square. Ideally, this is tha position you want that leadershirp to come from. Stoops has expressed and afinity for true freshman Vito Tisdale. He drew a favorable comparison of Tisdale to Mike Edwards. He said this guy plays all over the field, every position in the secondary.

    Can a true freshman lead? Just never let the name of Wesley Woodyard cease to escape from you lips. He 's been a team captain seventeen straight seasons dating all the way back to Valdosta, Georgia.

    Unlike yesteryear, stars and potential stars is an hour-long conversation for this team.

    Mark Stoops has energed on the top five coaching list based on his ability to change a culture and ability to develop players.