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  • WR Clevan Thomas: Just watch, WRs are coming this year

    I have a few notes from Kentucky wide receiver Clevan Thomas after the scrimmage yesterday that I thought I would share as well. All comments are from him.

    *Their goals this year as a wide receiver core is to be united, and just make plays. They are looking to find the chemistry they didn't really have last year with the quarterback because the passing game was so limited last season.

    *He said they have a lot of vertical threats this year, tall receivers with speed, and expects to draw a lot of pass interference calls.

    *One thing that not many people have focused on last year was that because the wide receivers were not expected to catch a lot of passes last year, but to block, they really worked hard on their blocking schemes, learning angles, etc. In addition, they spent a lot of time improving physically, hitting the weights hard, and became much stronger. These things should benefit them this year even as they are catching passes.

    *He did not single out any quarterback, but said the quarterbacks all looked good in the scrimmage. He said they threw more this scrimmage than they did last scrimmage. Just as Coach Stoops said, he said they will have to improve on the goal line, get better in the red zone. When he was asked about specifically what they needed to do in that area, he just said they needed to clean up the little things. He singled himself out on one play, saying that he didn't do his job well on a particular play, which ended up being picked (by Taj Dodson, if I caught that right). He said there are a number of things like that that they just needed to clean up.

    *He mentioned a bunch of the wide receivers playing well, but I thought it was notable that the first name he mentioned was DeMarcus Harris. He mentioned him having a big catch, just as coach Stoops said the same thing. No specific depth chart on WR yet.

    *He said that he expected to see the same number of explosive big plays in the running game. He did not single out any players or any specific play, but he said that in the scrimmage they went inside, bounced outside, and because of the blocking on the outside to play was an explosive big plate. I think were seeing a continuing theme here that we expect our receivers to be good blockers.

    *He reiterated that the passing game was going to be good and that fans just had to wait to see them, because we are coming.
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