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  • VAUGHT: Bruiser Flint holds court with Kentucky media


    New Kentucky basketball assistant Bruiser Flint had his first official meeting with Kentucky media members Wednesday and owned the 25 minutes with his wit and insightful answers. He didn't duck any questions and his smile was infectious. It's easy to see how he could be a hit not only with recruits, but with those around him.

    However, what I was wondering is how much he knew about the personnel he would now be coaching at Kentucky. He's been an assistant coach at Indiana, so I knew he had recruited some of UK's freshmen as well as sophomore Keion Brooks Jr.

    I know a few guys that I tried to recruit. Lance Ware, Isaiah Jackson, Keion (Brooks Jr.), Terrence Clarke. So I've watched them a little bit," Flint said.

    "Ive watched BJ Boston a little bit and a couple of guys in AAU but not closely. But those guys I tried to recruit a little bit ,so I've watched them pretty closely. Theyre long and athletic, good skill level, so I know a little bit about them.

    What about Clarke, a player I know he got to watch a lot the last two years? Many believe Clarke could be the nation's best freshman and an elite player like Calipari has had before.

    A big guard who can do a little bit everything. Unbelievable versatility," Flint said. "Shoots it. Puts it on the floor and can almost play the point. I mean, that's one of the reasons he was ranked as high as he was.

    "I mean, in terms of versatility, there wasn't many as good as him in the country. You saw it. You watched him, he could do a little bit everything. So, when I look at him. I just see his versatility and what he can do on the floor."

    However, Flint still wants to see how Clarke reacts to the collegiate level.

    "I'm sort of old school though. Im a guy that believes that it's a little different level, so youve got to prove it.," Flint said. "But in terms of his talent, I think his talent is as good as you're going to get.