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  • Vince Marrow Speaks

    Marrow spoke of how difficult of a decision it was to make the decision to stay hear. "Never thought an assistant coach would get this much attention," Marrow said.

    "I talk a top coach last night and he said I looked at you squad and you guys really have it going there at Kentucky," the coach said.

    He said that if it had been any other coach than Mel Tucker it would have been a lot easier to make a quick decision. He said the fact he knew and had a relation with Mel Tucker made it very tough to make the decision.

    "I'm very close to Stoops too, I mean, very close. I have a close relation with the players here also and eight years invested in here really meant something."

    "Now I know how tough it is on a recruit when he's trying to make his decision? My message is we are going to keep on recruiting Ohio. The way this thing work out is going to make it tougher. Other coaches are looking at Kentucky and seeing our roster and they are coming in there saying to themselves we can get some of those players, too."

    "I love Mark (Stoops) but it's still a business. But to say it was easy was easy is was not the case." He said he love the community here and that played a big part in his decision.
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