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  • Eight Reasons Why the Final Signing Period Presser is Important

    There are those that feel like the final national signing day is much less important. Perhaps for some school that is the case but not UK. Why? Because it further signifies where this program is headed.

    1. There are some key pieces out there that are unsigned that some of which will help plug some secondary gaps - 1) There is Davonta Lee from Amite, Louisana; 2) Jay Ward of Moultrie Ga; 3) Jammie Robinson Leesburg Ga; 4) M.J. Devonshire of Aliquippa, Pennsylvania. I gave you my odds nine days ago on the likely-hood of UK getting some or all of those difference makers.

    2. Then I said getting Lee is was even-money (a pick em). This week I feel even stronger after an official visit to Tiger-land this past weekend. Even though he's going to have a press conference at his school tomorrow to make his official announcement it would have by now leaked out where he's strongly leaning to. Because UK needs another playmaker to balance the field opposite Lynn Bowden, this will be a huge get.

    3. Jay Ward I said was a heavy lean 2-1 toward UK. To get Ward and Lee away from LSU would be considered a coup for the Cats. Then there's M.J. Devonshire who was all everything in Pennsylvania and wants to compete in the SEC and this makes UK a heavy favorite. The other thing he and Ward are defensive backs and a lot of open spots to fill in the Secondary. Remember the fertile Pennsylvania ground when Fran Cursi was at UK?

    4. And there's Jammie Robinson a big-time prospect from Leesburg, Georgia. As I've stated many times in the past the biggies can't get them all. UK just has to position themselves to fight off the other's pursuit.

    5. It helps immensely when Mark Stoops was named the SEC coach of the year. And going into this season College Football News has named Stoops national coach of the year.

    6. It further says something for your program when Auburn came after Eddie Gran for their offensive coordinator. In a post-game interview Gran told me they will be throwing the football down the field more and taking more shots. He said they have to!

    7. SEC writer Chris Low said UK is one of only five SEC teams to go .500 or better in the SEC (league play) over the last three years.

    8. The secondary has always been Mark Stoops' bailiwick throughout his coaching career and now as he ammasses talent he will never again have a weak secondary in his entire tenure at UK.
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    1. Terry Blue's Avatar
      Terry Blue -
      We'll soon see who we get. Lee to UK would shock the football world. Ward and Devonshire going anywhere else but UK would be surprising
    1. snoopcat's Avatar
      snoopcat -
      Auburn came after Eddie Gran? I know Georgia had interest. Was unaware of the Auburn interst.
    1. Terminus's Avatar
      Terminus -
      Quote Originally Posted by snoopcat View Post
      Auburn came after Eddie Gran? I know Georgia had interest. Was unaware of the Auburn interst.
      I totally missed that too, wouldn’t have expected there to be a Malzahn connection.
    1. Terry Blue's Avatar
      Terry Blue -
    1. UKFlounder's Avatar
      UKFlounder -
      So, with the general lack of activity today, how important was it?
    1. catmanjack's Avatar
      catmanjack -
      Today was the cherries, the early period was the one that truly mattered.
      UK only had 3-4 guys on their radar and they got 1 but could have used Ward.
      Today was not make or break or dome and gloom.
    1. Terry Blue's Avatar
      Terry Blue -
      Ward would have signed with UK yesterday but LSU lost a cb expected yesterday and Ward jumped on offer. He decommited from us earlier after going to a game at LSU
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