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  • VAUGHT: Travis exhibiting championship attitude


    If you want to try to understand part of the reason Kentucky is on an eight-game win streak, I think Reid Travis' comments today can help.

    The senior transfer from Stanford was asked about giving up some of his playing time to freshman EJ Montgomery and then seeing him play well like he did in the win at Florida.

    "I was happy. At the end of the day, we're going to need everybody. So, if you need to sacrifice minutes in certain games to get other guys going, I'm all about that and all about the team having success," Travis said. "At the end of the day, if the team has success, then we're all going to have success. There's no issue with that for me."

    Say amen John Calipari . . . and Kentucky fans. That's the attitude championship teams have and when a senior has it, it has to rub off on younger players.

    "We're all working hard every day knowing that we're all going to get our opportunities when they come. It could be this game or the next, whatever. Just staying ready," Travis said. "So, that game, he got more opportunities. Everybody, I think that's the unique part of our team, everyone is happy for each other's successes."

    Kentucky has the luxury of having numerous scoring options, another reason Travis says the team can be special.

    "Depending on the matchups and what we want to exploit, certain guys can have big nights and put up big numbers," Travis said. "I think that's the great thing about this team is everyone is encouraging that. If you've got it going, we're going to continue to feed you, continue to ride you.

    "I think that's a great part of the maturity of this team is that everyone is humble enough to understand when it's their game, it's their game. When it's not, you can still affect the game in many other ways and still make plays."
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    I reckon I'll pick Georgia in week one...

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    Survival game--play here

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    Re: That time of year again...Survival game is here

    Awesome! It sucks to have to use Georgia so early but I would trade the loss in exchange for seeing Vandy beat them.

    Week one: Georgia

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