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  • The Pinnacle of College Football Where the Twelfth Man Resides


    This is what the elite of the high school football players come to college to do. And that's to play in Stadiums where 458 million dollars was spent to renovated the stadium.

    Kentucky held off the Aggies until 1:14 on the clock before the half. It shaped unto be a long 1:14. A fifty yard punt by Duffy with 25 seconds left on the clock. The half ended tied 7-7, and again the defense didn't allow a score in the third quarter.

    The UK offense struggled all night attempting to get some rhythm in the game. Kash Daniel was ask about that and he replied -”there's no blame game. We just need to go out and play our game. “Daniel said Darius brings it every single day and I couldn't be more proud of he. I always know he's got my back. He's my brother. He deserves to has the success he's having because he been through so much.

    They seemed to be mixed opinion on the value of an off week. Some them of feel it's needed and some of the players are chomping at the bit to get back out there next week and play.

    “I wouldn't say it was frustrating not be able to move the ball,” Lynn Bowden said. We just have to re-group and get ready for our next game. He didn't want to talk about the touchdown he scored. “There two good teams playing each other and they has a little edge. Hats off to them but we'll be back.”

    Eddie Gran said they've got to back and see what they were doing to us. He said - “You can't go 2-13 on third down and win the game.” He said the reasons why Benny Snell and Terry Wilson couldn't run was they came down the hard and rallied to the ball. Gran said the Aggies tackle very well.

    Benny Snell said they weren't doing anything on defense that was different than they had seen. “We were beating ourselves – penalties,” he said. “We just didn't come quick as an offense. We usually get it together in the second half.”

    Chris Oats showed up well in the game in Kash Daniel's absence. “It's a fast game and it was a good experience for me to play in this type atmosphere. It didn't appear that the team handled the crowd well all the game.
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