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  • Offensively Count me on Cloud Seven


    There’s always been a cliché of euphoria better known as ‘Cloud Nine.’ This is where a huge chunk of the BBN is presently. But I submit to you there is a lot of growth still left in this production of the Wildcat football team. If you were a fly on the wall you would here some of the coaches mulling over those proposed improvements.

    Mark Stoops, whereby he celebrated over the victory of the at the time #14 ranked Mississippi State Bulldog. Those Bulldogs came into Kroger with the mindset that they were going to bully the Wildcats not realizing this is a different team than the one at their house last season grossly enhanced by those Cowbells.

    Instead of bullying the Cats, they got bullied. The Wildcats kept their composure while MS was losing theirs.
    What offensively keeps the Cats from having their heads in the clouds are as follows? Stoops said they avoid that by the way they prepare and how the coaches address the deficiencies. This Saturday is the first time this season that the Cats will have faced a passing attack team.

    Offensive Line

    The lost of left tackle Landon Young has not been disastrous. Why? The young corps E.J. Price and Naasir Watkins of has acquitted themselves well and to be more than adequate. However, there’s no replacement for experience and the learning curve in that position of left tackle. This the first time either of them has started and or played significant in the rugged SEC. They can and will get better. “The offensive line could be more physical,” Stoops said without taking away from the fact they are presently physical. Stoops said: “Our tackles have been good. Yes, there have been series when they have not been good. I’m pleased with the progress of our offensive line. Stoops said the interior line played well. He said – “Drake is under-sized but he is passionate in his play – he has good technique – he is fundamentally sound – and plays he with a chip on his shoulder.”


    s Mark Stoops has said on several occasions the quarterback is only as good as the people he has around him. And there’s times the receivers have not created the separation need for the quarterback to fit the ball in there. However, Stoops pointed out two situations where two big catches were made that led to scores. “Dorian made a great catch and C. J. Conrad made a great catch,” Stoops said that were contested. They can and they will get better or other options are available. There are young wide receivers that can carve out a niche for the team. “We tried to get the ball to Tavin (Richardson) on the screen but misfired,” Receiver coach Michael Smith responded in explaining the lack of passes coming the wide receiver’s way. “We went back and looked at the film and found it was a big play waiting to happen.


    Terry Wilson is the first quarterback to start the season 4-0 since 2008 when Mike Hartline was the quarterback. Wilson is completing 67.1 percent of his passes which is in range of what Darin Hinshaw said he wanted of his quarterbacks (65-70 percent). But has he peaked in his development of at the position? I dare say not. Stoops said he is happy with the decision making of Wilson. Right now is undetermined and to why he has not connected on more of his deep passes. Perhaps it’s a combination of the receivers and quarterback. When that develops you can say the passing game is closer to it’s peak. Wilson has much the same poise and leadership as he predecessor Stephen Johnson. “Terry’s (Wilson) doing a good job of learning every day and making quicker decisions,” Gran said.
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