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  • Kentucky Senior Troy Squires receives national 2018 Senior CLASS Award

    It is considered the nation's premier award for NCAA senior student-athletes honoring community, classroom, character and competition.

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    1. Darrell KSR's Avatar
      Darrell KSR -
      By the way, how stupid is this? They have a baseball winner, then 4 other players on the "first team." Then 5 more on the "2nd team."

      Why not one winner, and a 9-person team? Seems stupid to have a 5-man "first team" in baseball, and a 5-man "second team." College baseball plays with 10 players (DH included). One 10-man team (or winner + 9) just seems right.

      Joining Squires on the 2018 senior first team are:
      Stephen Born, Navy
      Nick Horvath, Florida
      Kyle Kasser, Oregon
      Brooks Wilson, Stetson

      The senior second team includes:
      Seth Kinker, Ohio State
      Mark Osis, George Washington
      Jordan Powell, Rhode Island
      Scott Schreiber, Nebraska
      John Valente, St. John’s