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  • Mark Stoops’ Spring Theme is to take it to Another Level


    The head coach said he is happy with the team’s seven weeks of work. They are bigger, stronger, and faster. You can rewind the tape and the same thing is said about the teams off season workouts. But this time you can see it in his eyes and you can hear it in his voice that there a different drive. He not straddling the stripes on the road and he staying in one lane. It’s almost that you do it or else you risk getting caught up.

    Stoops made a blanket statement and though he wasn’t referencing transfer Eli Brown it wasn’t to be construed as such. ”When we need to push the program and get better there needs to be accountability,” Stoops said. “Right now we are going a hundred mile and hour and we need to have full force accountability. There are thing you’re supposed to be doing 24/7. Some guys are going to like it and some guys are not. Just in general guys need to lose weight, guys need to lose weight. Certain positions we weren’t big enough last year and we need to get bigger. We need to get stronger and some personal accountability to do those things. Whether it’s eating, lifting, going to class, going to tutors.” He said as there accountability pick up off the field their accountability will be better on the field.


    Stoops said Jamin Davis will be the first option to fill in the spot in the backup roll to Jordan Jones. There’s a perfect example. Stoops said he came in at about 195-pounds and now he. Now he’s 6-foot-3, according the spring prospectus 225-pounds. “He’s starting to look like a grown man that we need in there.” He said Alex King is another guys in there that’s 6-foot-4 230,240-ponds that we need and he will be working in there but will work some outside, too.
    Stoops talked about how hard it is going to be to replace the consistency and leadership lost from Courtney Love. He had Kash Daniel will be looked first for that spot. He alluded to the consistency he’s looking for from him. Stoops said –”He got some years under his belt. He’s played some football. He was behind Courtney (Love) a guy that was hard to take off the field. But I do believe Kash can give us much the same things that we got from Courtney. A guy with passion, a guy with great leadership. He is big and strong.” The coach said that lateral movement and quickness in the open field is something you need in there.
    Stoops said that Josh Paschal has been moved inside because he is a player that needs to be on the field. Stoops alluded to some technical maneuvering that can be done. But he need to be on the field. “He is definitely one of our best eleven. Because we have some depth at the outside backer you don’t want hitting on the bench next to me.” Stoops said he’s been working very hard to stay at that 260-range but has the ability to go up to 280-290 rang very quickly. He went to the coach and said he believed he could help the team inside. “I said well let’s get to eating,” stoops said. “We’ve had some solid guys in there but we’ve never had a difference maker in there.” Stops thinks Paschal can be that guy.

    Defensive Line

    Stoops said Tymere Dubose and Adrian Middleton have done some good things but T.J. Carter and Kordell Looney need to pick it up in the off season. When Stoops is talking about getting caught up in in the wash. This is why you see guys transferring. He said Boogie Watson has good instincts and is a very good pass rusher so with paschal moving inside those two could be a good pass rush combination.


    Stoops said it’s going to take some time. As this writer often alludes to just what the coach said. He did say he was impressed with the way they are throwing the ball and you see the way they are spinning the ball jumps out at you at times. He said they need to grow up and have some guys outside that will make plays. So without this writer interjecting to much Stoops rubber-stamped my position on quarterback and that’s wait and see how they perform when the lights go on.